Interest Groups are the heart of Coterie and can offer something for everyone. For additional information on a particular group or to join, please contact the person listed in the group’s description.  Our listing begins with the Newcomers group and the rest follow in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

Newcomers --- Welcome! --- See Coterie Connections description below on way to meet Coterie members monthly!

go to Coterie Connections section below.

Beginning Mahjong

Beginning Mahjong — Mahjong is a tile-based game that originated in China during the Qing dynasty. It is similar to card games with suits and wild cards. Usually played with 4 players and has a unique dealing system.
Marsha Ridley has graciously volunteered to teach us. Our first meeting will be at Panera Bread on Wednesday, September 20th, at 1pm.

Kate Sullivan

Book Club 1

This club meets on 4th Tuesday afternoons at 1pm in individual homes. Book selection, both fiction and non-fiction, is according to group interest and is chosen in September for the year.

Kathy Nickason


Book Club II

This club meets the 3nd Monday of the month at 1 pm in individual homes. Book selection is according to group interest (fiction and nonfiction) and is chosen in September for the year.

Carol Jessop


Book Club III - Evenings

This club meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 7pm in individual homes. Book selection is according to group interest and is chosen in October for the year.

Peggy Brown

364-3442 or 465-1880


Join the Earlybird Bowling League at Coachlite Lanes at 9:00am on Wednesday mornings for some fun and exercise.

Beginners are welcome and we always need subs.

Kate Sullivan


Beginning Bridge

There is currently a Coterie Bridge Group. In 2016-17 there was interest in forming a “Learn to Play Bridge” group, to become proficient enough at bridge to join the Bridge Group.

The group met 1st and 3rd Wed. and was limited to two tables of bridge, eight people (4 teams).
Contact Julie Roberts, Interest Group Vice-President if you are interested in re-starting this group.

Not currently a group.

Call Julie Roberts, info below, to begin a new session.


Play contract bridge on the first and third Tuesday afternoon of the month with refreshments and friendship. Members take turns hosting.

Sharron Lenox


Coterie Connections

COTERIE CONNECTIONS is a new group to facilitate getting together with your Coterie friends, and to meet new ones. We welcome anyone in Coterie to also bring a guest, or newcomers to Rolla or Coterie to attend – it is a great place to find out more about Coterie and what we do.  So, if you haven’t seen someone in a while, set a date to meet at Coterie Connections.

Meetings will not have formal topics, just the conversations of friends catching up and whatever’s on the minds of those there that day. Meetings will be at the Rolla Public House 4:30-6:30 on the Third Thursday of each month:   Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 16, Dec 14, 2017 &   Jan 18, Feb15, Mar 15, and Apr 19, 2018

Jill Fahrenholtz

573-341-2721  or
573-578-7838 (txt/call)      

Dining In

Come enjoy a delicious meal and fellowship. Members are responsible for hosting at least once during the year and for helping with meal preparation. Most meals are planned for evenings and weekends. All members are welcome, singles and couples.

Marilyn Pogue


Barbara Patterson


Dutch Lunch

This group meets the Third Tuesday of each month for lunch and fellowship at various restaurants around town.

Mary Buhite



Take a day trip to interesting destinations within 150 miles of Rolla. Members take turns organizing and driving to these planned trips. Lunch is a delight.

Nancy Duncan


Games Group

If you like to play games or get together for food and fun, join this group. Meets monthly in the evening at members’ homes to play a variety of card and board games. Couples and singles are welcome.

Julie Kosbar


Maribeth Wronkiewicz

364-7333 or 308-7312

German Conversation

Join other Coterie members for the art of German conversation.

Martina Hahn-Baur


International & Regional Cooking

Share recipes from around the world and learn new cooking techniques together.

Darby Ferguson


Monday Morning Coffee

Get your week off to a good start! Come and enjoy a hot cup of coffee, tea or treats at Penelope’s, 1049 Kingshighway, 9:30 – 11:00 am. Casual – Come as you are.

Carol Bennett



Are you working on a needlework project or starting on a new one?  You are invited to join our group, which meets the third Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm. Members take turns hosting in their homes. All are welcome!

Harriet Bain


Outdoor Adventure Group

Let’s get together and enjoy the great outdoors! We will organize and enjoy some different types of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, kayaking, sightseeing, and exploring.  All are welcome!

Julie Roberts


Play Group

Meet with other mothers and infants, toddlers and preschoolers for play, fun, and snacks in members’ homes, local parks, and local swimming pools. We will meet every other Tuesday with variable meeting times, depending on the particular activity.

Casey Wilson


Tea & Topics

Meet with us for refreshments and enlightening discussions on a variety of topics. Topics are selected by group and have included: women authors, Missouri landmarks, and health issues. We meet the first Monday of each month (October thru May) at 1pm.

Judy Hagen


Volunteer Group

Come volunteer with us!  I will post opportunities for volunteering around the community. We can go as a group or as individuals depending on interest and schedules.  If this is a passion of yours and you have ideas, please join us in spreading our talents and good will throughout the community!

Julie Roberts


Walk & Talk

Get in shape by walking. The group meets MWF at 8:30am and walks the Acorn Trail. Join us for one, two or three days for fun, burning calories and doing what we do best – talking! No eating involved.

Dixie Finley


Wine Tasting

Open to all, bring your partner if you wish. This wine tasting group is for people who enjoy drinking wine and would like to taste and learn more.

Kirsten McIntyre


Nancy Stone


NEWCOMERS — COTERIE CONNECTIONS is a new group to facilitate getting together with your Coterie friends, and to meet new ones. See above for more details.  Meetings will be at the Rolla Public House 4:30-6:30 on the Third Thursday of each month:   Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 16, Dec 14, 2017 &   Jan 18, Feb15, Mar 15, and Apr 17, 2018

It is all about having fun and expanding our experiences with people from our area who share common interests.

If you have an idea for a new group and have someone to be a chairperson, please contact Julie Roberts.

Julie Roberts — Coterie Interest Groups Vice-President