Welcome to our 2017-2018 Coterie Board

President: Susan Sherrick-Benson
President Elect: Gina Valente-Khayat
1st Vice President/Programs: Dilek Acar/Susan Cochran
2nd Vice President/Membership: Sheila Packard
3rd Vice President/Interest Groups: Julie Roberts
Recording Secretary: Rita Wilson
Corresponding Secretary: Jane Schonberg
Treasurer: Linda Meyer
Multimedia Publicity: Shannon Perry Lusk
Communications: Leslie Kadison Bearden
Webmaster: Jill Fahrenholtz
Scholarship Fund: Kate Sullivan

History of Coterie

Coterie was formed as a group in 1930 as a social organization for the wives of Faculty of Missouri Schools of Mines (then UMR, now Missouri S&T), thus was called the Coterie of Faculty Wives of MSM.  Coterie served as a social outlet for the wives of faculty to create friendships, do activities, and hold events.  As years went by, the group of members was expanded to MSM/UMR/S&T  Staff wives, growing in an increasingly wide circle until any woman of the community could choose to join Coterie.  In the 2013-14 year, the membership was widened also to include men, so anyone wanting to support Missouri S&T socially or philanthropically and our social and scholarship events can join.

THANK YOU to our 2016-2017 Coterie Board

IMG_1312- 2016 CoterieBoard

President:Linda Branson
President Elect: Susan Sherrick-Benson
Vice President (Programs): Kate Sullivan and Susan Cochran
Second Vice President (Membership): Sheila Packard
Third Vice President (Interest Groups): Julie Roberts
Recording Secretary: Nancy Duncan
Corresponding Secretary: Jane Schonberg
Treasurer: Terry Higgins
Multimedia/Publicity: Regina Valente-Khayat
Communications: Leslie Beardon 
Webmaster: Jill Fahrenholtz
Scholarship Chair: Theresa McCarthy Bro

Support Coterie

If you’d like make a contribution in support of Coterie’s commitment to Missouri S&T, the women of Coterie, and the scholarships and programs it supports, please print the Coterie Scholarship Donation Form and enclose with your check to Terry Higgins, Coterie Treasurer.


President Martina Hahn-Baur and the Chancellor with our 2016 Scholarship Recipients.

Past Presidents of Coterie at their Annual December gathering

While this is only 3 of our Past Presidents – thanks to Boo Eversman, many of our Past Presidents gather to celebrate the Holiday season in December each year.  Thanks Boo!

Jill Fahrenholtz 2009-10, Kate Sullivan 1995-96, and Deb Bledsoe 2004-05

The Board keeps on changing as the years go by… here’s the 2015-16 Board at the Fall Coffee. (left to right)

front row: Martina Hahn-Baur, Terry Higgins, Lina Madison, Jennifer Gillies
back row: Karen Hogan, Jane Schonberg, Ginger Philpot, Jill Fahrenholtz, Vicki Brady, Kate Sullivan,Linda Branson, Nancy Duncan, Theresa McCarthy Brow