Our Mission

Coterie’s mission is to promote the education of women through university scholarships and provide a social network for Missouri S&T and the Rolla community.  Membership in Coterie is open to all interested persons in the community who wish to promote the Missouri University of Science and Technology philanthropically, socially, and/or culturally.


As a member you can take part in any of our many interest groups or events throughout the year. You’ll also receive a newsletter periodically and an annual membership directory to find out what events are coming up and how to contact other members. There are no invitations and no required attendance – you’ll just need to send an RSVP (for you and any guests) for the event to the program organizer.

Need to tell a friend more about Coterie?

Anyone interested in Coterie may join, but you may want to know more about the organization.  Do you know someone new to town, a new employee where you work, a new military family? Or are you a new member in Coterie wanting to know more about what we do?
The Membership Committee hosts a Newcomers interest group, which meets monthly to allow people to get acquainted with members of Coterie and find out more about our activities before joining.

The Membership Vice-President is also a resource to help people new to the community or new to Coterie.   We are happy to inform recruiters, realtors, new employees, and others in the area about Coterie and its activities.  If you cannot attend Newcomers, or if you are the new employee coordinator/recruiter for a Rolla-area employer, please contact Sheila Packard, VP Membership, 341-3884 to coordinate providing information about Coterie to you and your organization.

Membership Particulars

Coterie activities generally run only during the school year, with a break in the summer. Some exceptions may be found in various interest groups. Dues for the year are $20, paid at the Fall Coffee or dues may be sent in the mail.  Members whose dues are received before October 1 each Fall will be listed in the Membership Directory. The directory is printed and mailed to each member. Those members who join after October 1 will have their directory information published in the newsletter.

Not sure yet about joining, come to our Newcomers interest group; meet seasoned members and other newcomers.

Having Trouble Getting Coterie’s Emails?  Click Here or Scroll down to see tips from our Newsletter Editor that may fix it!

Want to Join Coterie?

It's only $20 a year

Be part of our exciting social network of men and women dedicated to philanthropy and promoting the education of women at Missouri S&T.

Click here to get the Coterie 2017-18 Membership Form. The annual directory will be sent to those who return the form by Sept 30.

Having Trouble Receiving E­mails from Coterie?

We’ve been having a problem for a year or so now with some emails not reaching our members.  Below are some points of info that may help you solve your problem.  We realize it is very frustrating to think you are supposed to get the Newsletter, and you don’t get it in your inbox.

  • PRE-spam filters, at email providers/ISPs: We’ve been having a problem for a year or so now with the email server companies. There is so much spam coming along that yahoo, gmail, mst.edu, etc. have built up their PRE spam filters to discard what they assume is unwanted emails (these are filters you don’t ever see and they remove all of the nasty emails you don’t want. Unfortunately they also sometimes get ones we do want).
  • MST.edu users, MST Spam-filters:
    If you are an mst.edu user here’s what you should do.  Go to your spam filter and search for benchmark. If you find it, mark it as not spam.  – If you don’t find it, that means that S&T’s IT-System will not allow emails from Benchmark through their PRE filter and we need to request this again.
  • gmail and yahoo users:  please check your Spam Folder AND check your Promotions Folder.
    Coterie emails will sometimes go to Spam, most often to Promotions.  As described above, any user will not see messages removed by a PRE filter.  Always try to mark the emails as NOT SPAM. This helps let them through next time.
  • fidnet users: (using fidnet’s email interface online)
    Settings for Spam may be catching Coterie’s emails.  Look in Spam folder first and mark “Not Spam”, this should move it to your inbox.  For future Coterie emails, to prevent emails from going to spam, try this.  In Settings (pull-down menu next to your user name on upper-right), select “SPAM settings” from tabs on left — I have not tried this — if you add benchmark.com in lower box (“Safelist”), I believe that will help/allow Coterie’s emails to your inbox.
    If not, entering Coterie’s full benchmark address:  lsbearden85.gmail.com@mail.benchmarkapps.com  may work.

Thank you for your understanding.
Please let me know if you feel that you are not receiving all of the correspondence from the Coterie.

Leslie Bearden lsbearden85@gmail.com

Also, please remember to check our Facebook page (Coterie of Missouri S&T) for information on Coterie events!


(A letter with these tips was sent to the membership email list in October 2016.  We realize those who are missing our emails would miss this too.  But until this info is posted on our FB page and here on the website, we wanted to distribute the information that we had gathered up to that time. We were hoping this info might get to you “through the grapevine” from members with no email issues. Thanks for your understanding and patience.)