Each year Coterie awards $5000 or more in scholarships to Missouri S&T women every year. Proceeds above expenses from all Coterie events are contributed to the Scholarship Endowment.

Our 2017 Coterie Scholarship Recipients with Boo Eversman, presenting

Scholarship Recipient Claire Victor, with daughter, and her mother, Jane

Our 2017 Coterie Scholarship Recipient with her family

Our 2016 Coterie Scholarship Recipients with Martina Hahn-Baur, Coterie 2015-16 President, and the Chancellor of Missouri S&T

Coterie Scholarship Application and criteria are listed on Missouri S&T’s website in the  Academic Works Scholarship listings.

Application Deadline

February 1, 2017

More info is available at: Missouri S&T Student Financial Assistance


For reference, a general description of the Scholarships can be found below. For most recent criteria and application materials,
visit Academic Works or financial assistance links above.

Scholarship Fundraising

A member’s first encounter with our Scholarship will usually be a choice to donate on our membership form.  A significant portion of fundraising for each year is from donations contributed when members join or renew in the Fall; many choose to do this at the Fall Coffee.

Coterie events to support the Coterie Scholarship are scheduled each year.   In recent years, we have been able to host a Fall event to benefit the Scholarship Fund – the Oktoberfest and Poker Run Progressive Dinner are examples.  Typically, one fundraising event is also held mid-year, in December or January, with a theme that allows participants to donate or make purchases toward the Scholarship.  The Chocolate Gala, Winter WineDown at the Chancellor’s, and Champagne and Chocolate are examples of past successful events.

Other opportunities for fundraising, occur some years at the St. Pat’s Ball, and the Fall Coffee, when proceeds exceed expenses, or baskets or auction items are offered.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Coterie Scholarship Fund, please contact Kate Sullivan at Contact Coterie Scholarship Chair or use our Scholarship donation form found on the Donations and Board page.


Summary of Scholarship funds raised in recent years:

The presentation at the 2015 May Spring Luncheon highlighted our 30th anniversary and reviewed the history of Coterie Scholarship Fund.

In the 2014-15 year, Oktoberfest raised $1083.19, and Winter Wine Down at the Chancellor’s residence raised $1266.  At membership renewal time in the Fall of 2014, $935 was donated by generous members of Coterie.  Finally, the St. Pat’s Ball in March 2015 met our annual goal of breaking even, and had $552.85 overage which was donated to the Scholarship fund.  This amounts to a total of $3837 raised for the Scholarship fund during the 2014-15 Coterie year.


Principal in July 2014 $147, 927.44                       Scholarships in Spring 2015 – total of $10,000 in 2 scholarships.


“We are very proud of our achievement in building this fund over the past 30 yers and hope to keep growing it in the future to benefit women student at Missouri S&T.”, Julie Kosbar, 2014-15 Coterie President

Thank you to Boo Eversman for all her support and energy put into the Scholarship efforts over the years. Boo graciously reviewed the history and accomplishments of our Scholarship fund over its 30 years at the Annual Membership meeting at DiTripani’s, May 9, 2015.

IMG_1336-2016 3 Scholarship Recipients

Our 2016 Coterie Scholarship Recipients

Jessica Tygett-Self, Clair Victor, and Brittany Campbell (holding her baby) were each awarded $3000 for the 2016-17 school year.

Coterie Scholarship’s History

Coterie began its scholarship fund in 1985, and we happily celebrated the scholarship its 30th anniversary in 2015.  Below are some highlights and information on the scholarship’s origination and history over those years.

Our first Scholarship recipient was Sally Love in 1985-86 with an award of $150.  Our first scholarship at the $1000 level was in 1991-92, and it continued at that amount until 1995-96.  The amounts were then $1000 or $1500 for the next few years, and grew to our first $2000 Scholarship in 2000-01.

Early recipients were: S. Love 85-86, M. Stephens 86-87, K. Leandra 87-88, S. Davidson 88-89, V. Bhatt 89-90, 90-91,  M.P. Swymeler 91-92. D. Bricker  and C. Saling 92-93 (both at $1000, our first year with two scholarships), S. Higgins 93-94, J. Ruth 94-95, and P. Quigley 95-96.

After 1996, Coterie was able to award more than one scholarship most years, with several single awards of higher value as our Schloarship fund grew.  Recipients include: L. Logan, J. Meggie, K. Winboborn 96-97, M. Pursely, V. Smith 97-98, K. Lewis, M. Pursely 98-99.  Single recipients returned near 2000, with values of $1500 or $2000 per year: V. Gulley 99-00, H. Grimes 2000-01, J. Reeves 01-02, L. Woolsey 02-03.

The annual amount available for scholarships results from earnings on our Endowment fund.  As that amount varies each year, the Scholarship chair and committee deccide how many scholarships of what value should be awarded that year.  Recipients are announced and recocgnized at our Annual Spring Membership Banquet or  Luncheon.  This event occurs every year as it is the occasion where one year’s Coterie Board retires and the following year’s Board is accepted and installed. This presents a perfect occasion where many members can meet our Scholarship recipients.

Values of our awards varied during 2001-2014, with 2 – $2000 scholarships some years, and 1 $3000 or $4000 scholarship other years.  As those who lived through investing in those years know, a large drop in almost all investments occurred in 2008-2009, and the value of our Endowment and its proceeds varied accordingly.  This can be seen with values of our Endowment account in 2007 of $117, 573 dropping to $87,216 in 2009, but rebounding in 2010 to $97,746, $118,653 in 2011, and growing to $132,680 in 2013, and to $147,927 in 2014.

Not all of this growth in the Endowment fund, our principal, came from market adjustments adn growth.  Each year, Coterie sponsors events which raise funds for the Scholarship fund, and Gifts donated with Membership Dues each Fall can add nearly $1000/yr alone. Coterie’s Board is always very conservative to only allocate additional funds to the Scholarship when it is clear an overage above operating expenses has accumulated. Thus, deposits from our annual events and other sources can vary quite a bit,  and in lean years may wait to be considered by the next year’s Board before being deposited to the Scholarship Endowment.

This has proved to be a successful management strategy in recent years, as amounts transferred have been from $3000 one year, to $6500, $4785, $11, 225 and $9000 in the years from 2007-2014.  As of the time of this writing, some specifics about Scholarship amounts awarded and number of recipients for those years was not available.  However, totals ranged from $5000 awarded in 2006-07, to amounts ranging from $4000, to $9000, including $6000, $4800, $2500 and $7000. $4624 and $9000 approved in Spring 2016 and 2017, respectively, were also deposited.

In 2014-15, $10,000, in 2 scholarships, was awarded – a grand way to celebrate our 30th Anniversary year! In earlier highlights, it was noted that $3837 was raised that Coterie year for the Scholarship fund.  In years since, $4624 was raised in 2015-16, and $6694 in 2016-17.  Our Fall 20126 Tea Party and Purse Auction was not expected to be a large fundraiser; the purse auction was added “for fun”, but surprised members and organizers by bringing in $1081.!  $1105 came in donations in Fall 2016 with our Members’ dues, so those donations sent in are helpful.  In 2017-18, the current year as of this writing, is going great, having already raised $xxxx, $245 from Dues in September.


Description of Scholarship Application information 

Each year Coterie awards approximately $3000-$5000 in scholarships to Missouri S&T women students. Proceeds above expenses from all Coterie events are contributed to the Scholarship Endowment.

Application Deadline – Feb 1 of the current school year.

Awards are presented at the Coterie Spring Luncheon in early May, and will be applied toward expenses in the Fall semester of the following school year.  

Coterie Scholarship Application Eligibility usually includes: 

  • The recipient must be a female student at Missouri S&T.
  • She must have completed 50% of the hours necessary for completion of her degree from Missouri S&T.
  • She must be enrolled with a minimum of 9 hours in a degree program at the time of scholarship payment and must show evidence of satisfactory progress toward that degree.
  • She must demonstrate financial need.
  • She must submit a written statement outlining her reasons for application to the Coterie Scholarship Committee.
  • She must not be a member of the family of any Missouri S&T faculty, full-time staff, or other personnel. (She may be an employee herself.)
  • Applicants should be in good academic standing with the University.

Preference will be given to:

  • The woman with added personal obligations (e.g., children, invalid dependent, physical disability, etc.)
  • The woman who had her college education interrupted and is returning to complete her undergraduate or graduate degree at Missouri S&T.
  • Grade point average will be taken into consideration.

Items required in an application package include:  letter of application, resume explaining your qualifications, and two Missouri S&T faculty references.  Selection will usually be determined by mid-February.

More info is available at: Missouri S&T Student Financial Assistance or from Theresa McCarthy Brow, the Coterie Scholarship Chair, at theresamcb@gmail.com .

Updated: January 16, 2017.

Scholarship Endowment Value 2007-2014

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